STFU about how hard you work

Initiative, hard work and passion will absolutely help you get your foot in the door.

People naturally want to see hard-working people succeed, unless you’re Tim Tebow…in which case your vulgar faith-based lifestyle of honor and consistency earns you the scorn of millions of diffident souls.  Such are the times.

In general, “hard work” will earn you some opportunity, and maybe some sympathy if you fail.  What it won’t necessarily earn you is success….which is what we’re after.

Jordan. Jobs. Jewel.

When you think about those guys, the way they dominate, etc….you don’t think “wow it looks like he really works extremely hard to get as good as he is.”

You think “damn, he makes it look so easy.”

OF COURSE they work hard. Extreme hard. So does Ben Fox…who? Exactly.

Hard work is COMMON. Long hours are a given.

But it doesn’t matter to your customer, your partner, or your investor. He just wants excellence.  (this book will help you understand how hard work becomes excellence)

Stop talking about how hard you work. It diminishes what people think of you.

Obtain and display excellence.

Make it look easy.